Swimming with PMT (PMT = Palme Mask Tuba) is an outdoor activity. One can also speak of "underwater walking" or "snorkelling". This activity is open to all and to discover the beauty of the seabed.

PMT swimming (fins, mask and snorkel)

PMT swimming (fins, mask and snorkel)

The basics of swimming PMT

Swimming with Palme, Mask and Snorkel allows to observe the seabed while remaining on the surface of the water. The three facilities essential to the practice of PMT swimming are:

  • The fins, which include the ability to swim faster,
  • Tuba, to breathe while keeping the head under water,
  • The diving mask to admire the fauna and underwater plants freely.

Each material must be adapted to your size and your body type. In general, facilities that offer underwater tours provide the necessary equipment. If you have vision problems, you can bring your own dive mask correction.

The wetsuit is also essential for better comfort and better performance, although the PMT swim practice more often in hot water.

Where and how to practice swimming PMT?

Lake, sea or freshwater: PMT swimming is practiced in all cases in shallow water. Trust the professionals who know the places to discover. Swimming with fins, mask and snorkel is a great way to explore the tropical seas, even if you have no experience in diving, for example. This activity is open to all.

If you are interested in swimming PMT, you can also follow the pool workouts to perfect your swimming with flippers, etc.

Another leisure activity to discover: underwater navigation that requires fins, a mask, but a bottle and various policy instruments.