Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is an activity that is practiced on lakes, ponds, sea or whitewater. This is paddling, standing on a board with a paddle. You can just walk on water, or surf the waves and down rivers!

Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle

Stand Up Paddle, what is it?

Stand Up Paddle is the origin of modern surfing. This sport comes from Hawaii. This is standing on a large and wide plank, and move forward with a paddle. This sport is seeking all the muscles. It is suitable for all children and adults.

In terms of equipment, you need a board, a paddle and a leash to be connected to the board. But there are different ways to practice the Stand Up Paddle, and the specific hardware varies with these practices:

  • Walk: you simply browse the water up on the board, and using your paddle.
  • Surf: you take the waves on a board whose size can vary depending on your choice.
  • Race: you must navigate as quickly as possible, it's physics! It will take a thinner board.
  • White water: you can also make the Stand Up Paddle Whitewater and down the rivers, for example.
  • Fishing: while standing and not moving on your board, you can even fish.

Stand Up Paddle can be more or less intense and extreme. The walk to the surf on the waves, there are different ways to have fun!

There is Stand Up Paddle schools, especially in regions that are on the coasts. If you are interested in this sport, please inquire.

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Stand on your board, grab your paddle, and go to the discovery of Stand Up Paddle! Contact the school for more information, to rent equipment or take lessons.