Stress, overwork, anxiety, depression... Get away from her daily to track a spa treatment may be more effective than any medication.

The spa anti-stress treatment

A spa to move away from everyday stress.

The cure for that?

Many psychological and psychosomatic disorders can be relieved with a special spa treatment and appropriate care.

Good results are regularly observed in patients suffering from nervous disorders such as anxiety or spasmophilia. Insomnia and depression are treated with appropriate care. Fibromyalgia can be relieved thanks to the understanding of the disease through psychoeducational workshops.

A return to calm

A haven of peace, spas are calm and peaceful places, often far from the bustle of city centers. It is above all the break with everyday life and the serenity of the environment that allow real benefits.

Spas offer different formulas to stay with a plan of care tailored to the symptoms. Over a period of three weeks, they must be prescribed by a doctor.

Spa treatments

The spa and massage, given by physiotherapists, are mainly used. They help soothe the curiste physically thanks to the virtues of thermal water, before starting work on ourselves deeper.

Workshops with a psychologist help the patient regain his confidence, to understand and better manage their anxieties.

Although often Benin, stress can be a disabling condition in daily life because of its side effects. Fortunately complementary care in the spa treatment can help reduce the massage, steam bath sessions.