Oriented Spa "airways" offer treatments to help people with asthma. Through various targeted thermal treatment, asthma can be relieved or even cared.

A spa treatment for asthma

A spa treatment for asthma

A spa treatment for asthma

A spa treatment for people with asthma may be prescribed by a physician or respiratory therapist to relieve and treat the patient. But a spa treatment may also be prescribed to prevent a person with a fertile ground for asthma, for example because of family history. therefore preventive treatment is increasingly recommended.

The cure for asthma is centered on four fields of action, namely crenotherapy, that is to say the use of thermal and mineral waters, climatotherapy is using the therapeutic properties of certain climates , hydrotherapy namely the use of water as a bath, jet shower and finally medical education.

We find such care as aerosol, irrigation or nasal spray. Above all, what will do good to the asthma patient is to breathe clean air! Indeed, primarily installed in locations far from urban pollution, spas offer an air quality to its spa guests, especially those with asthma.

Some spas are suitable for children. Indeed, they function as holiday camps to make the stay as pleasant to the child and make him forget the "medical" side of the place.

How to enjoy a spa treatment?

There are several options depending on the property with durations and number of treatments which vary from one station to another. It is possible to enjoy a spa treatment reimbursed by social security, for that there are several steps to follow. First, the cure must be prescribed by a physician, practitioner or specialist. Then the number of care should be specified and indicated by the doctor.

In addition, for the reimbursement to be validated, it is imperative that the chosen institution is authorized under agreement and by the health insurance and the cure must last for 18 days.

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