Thermal medicine is gentle and respect your body. The thermal waters can treat some diseases based on their virtues. Your doctor may prescribe a cure, ask for advice to find the cure for your needs.

A spa treatment, what for

The spa medicine treats many symptoms.

thermal water and thermal treatments: healing powers

What makes the fame of cures, are the thermal waters. They are all different and possess curative virtues of their own. In the United States, 1200 thermal springs are identified and recognized by the Academy of Medicine. Generally located in mountainous areas, they are rich in minerals. They are listed in five groups based on their composition and each responds to a specific therapeutic indication.

Spa treatments are prescribed by a spa doctor and are tailored to your needs in order to fully enjoy the benefits of thermal springs. You will find three main categories of care during your spa treatment: External hydrotherapy (baths, showers, swimming pools), internal hydrotherapy (inhalations, gargles, aerosoltherapies) and drink cure (mineral water consumption). The most common treatments are:

- The thermal baths: they have value for the skin and blood circulation,

- thermal mud applications: mixture of clay and thermal water,

- The jet shower: it stimulates blood circulation,

- The immersion bath: it is you who operate massage jets,

- Beverage cures: you will consume thermal water at set times throughout the day,

- Massages: when performed under water, minerals penetrate your skin.

Water is used in all forms for you to enjoy all its benefits.

If treatment in spa

Thermal medicine treats many symptoms. Among the conditions treated include rheumatism, gynecological problems or developmental disorders of children. But they exist many other cases or thermal medicine can be beneficial. Your health insurance fund may pay up to 100% of costs for a cure, if your condition is in one of 12 categories recognized by Social Security and other social blankets.

Medicinal treatments should last at least 3 weeks to be effective and refundable. Ask your doctor to choose the spa that suits your needs.

Spa treatments "discovery"

Spas also offer spa treatments "discovery." They are also called mini-spa treatments because they take less time than a traditional medicinal treatment (6-12 days). They are more focused on relaxation and offer relaxing treatments (sauna, spa, yoga, water aerobics). You do not need prescription to benefit, so they may not be reimbursed.