Many spas offer massage for couples. Discover this method of massage, its benefits and the course of a session to enjoy some time well-being for two.

The couples massage at the spa

The couples massage at the spa, great time to meet

Why do a couples massage at the spa?

Enjoy a romantic couple care! With the couples massage offered mainly in spas, but also in large hotels and spas upscale, a couple may find themselves to be pampered Scent of a Woman. It is also a very good solution to have fun while discovering the benefits of massage for spouse. Currently very trendy, it is not difficult to find a spa offering massage it. We often speak of torque to appoint a woman and her husband, but it can also be a homosexual couple, a couple friends, or a mother and daughter. This is especially the pleasure of a massage for two in a perfect moment.

But be careful: all spas do not offer this kind of massage, including day spas. We must therefore seek in large tubs and spas to find professionals who perform the massage for two.

What happens during a massage for couples at the spa?

The couple lying side by side on two separate tables of massages. The man and woman will then be massaged simultaneously by two different professional therapists. The massage is always done in a suite for couples since it takes a large enough room to accommodate two massage tables.

Before starting, the couple will choose the massage to be carried out and if they want to achieve at the same time or not. Pricewise, it takes on average 200 euros; Indeed, the price is two times higher than for a single person because it mobilizes both professionals. Of course, the price varies according to the place, especially for luxury spas, large spas or hotels. Tipping is obviously not included in the price and it is customary to always leave a supplement to the masseur.

Massage for couples: the known benefits

The couples massage has many benefits, starting with sharing between two people massed. One of the two will allow the other to discover the massages and feel at ease. It is often the women who find these relaxation techniques to their husbands. As they understand that time and sometimes not dare take the plunge alone, this is the perfect opportunity!

It is also a great way to get closer and have a time to two. At the meeting, it is their quite possible to discuss or enjoy in silence. But be careful not to uncomfortable the person with you because it can be embarrassed by your presence. Also, it is possible to get a massage alone and end up right after to talk and share your experience.

To complete your wellness experience for two, why not try the spa weekend a couple? You'll enjoy many two and forget the daily care to better find you.