The facial massage is a beauty treatment proposed institute at the spa as well as in spas and thalassotherapy facilities. Directed by a beautician, facial massage relaxes the facial muscles and smoothes the features for a healthy glow insured.

Facial massage a relaxing treatment for a guaranteed healthy mine

The facial massage relaxes the facial muscles for a healthy glow

A treatment to relax and relax the facial features

Having a beaming and relaxed is not easy every day. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, pollution, small daily aggressions of the week can easily be read on our face.

The facial massage allows precisely to avoid having drawn and dull mine. The gestures made by the beautician used to let go, to stimulate blood vessels and strengthen the facial skin. After the session, your features look smoother and you feel soothed.

Also, if you tend to have dark circles, face modeling helps mitigate.

The technique of facial massage

The esthetician can perform a face massage with relaxing oil or cream. This massage consists of gentle touches, circular movements and gentle pressure on the target areas of the face. In some institutions, the face massage also includes a scalp massage.

Temples, the eyebrows arched, ears and chin, each part of the face receives meticulous and precise gestures. Specific work is carried around the eyes to release the ocular tension through pressure and a sweep of the fingers. On the chin, the esthetician will also achieved a kneading to relax muscles.

Face massage: duration and price

The face massage is a treatment that lasts about 30 minutes. If you have a little time after your work day is the ideal care to disconnect and take care of you!

Issue price, it costs between $ 30 and $ 45 on average. The price of this treatment can vary from one institution to another depending on the products used.

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