A perimeter alarm is an infrared pool alarm: It sounds when the defined area around the pool is crossed.

A perimeter pool alarm

A popularized perimeter pool alarm

Infrared terminals of the perimeter alarm

To define a security perimeter, terminals are placed around the basin of the pool. Infrared beams traveling between the terminals and close the pool invisibly. The perimeter alarm sounds if your child passes through an infrared beam, and therefore approaches the basin.

To install the terminals around your pool, some rules must be respected. The terminals have a minimum height and are placed at a distance from each other. A professional will advise you on the installation of your terminals, according to the dimensions of your pool.

A perimeter alarm to warn of danger

Unlike alarm submerged pool, perimeter alarm sounds to warn of danger. It does not sound when the child fell into the water, but when it gets too close to the pool. Buying a perimeter pool alarm is a large budget, but it is the most effective type of alarm for the safety of the pool.