We do not think always but during hot weather, our animals suffer as much as us. Fortunately, a solution exists to help them cope with the heat, and to entertain: the dog pool. Explanation.

A pool to refresh his companion dog by heat

The pool allows your dog to cool off when it's too hot for him.

Why adopt the dog swimming?

For dogs as for us, swimming is primarily a moment of relaxation. The dog pool is ideal for gaming and welfare. But not only! It offers many other benefits

  • In case of extreme heat, it allows them to refresh. Especially as dogs, unlike us, do not sweat. Result: they have more difficulty regulating their temperature. Even a few centimeters of water are enough to refresh.
  • For those struggling to bathe their dogs, the pool can be useful for cleaning after long walks. The pool used to remove debris stuck in the hair or to get rid of odors.
  • The pool can also be used for therapeutic purposes in case of rehabilitation following an accident or following surgery. It can also be used if overweight animal.

What kind of choose for your dog basin?

There are of course different basin sizes to best suit the size of the animal, depending on its breed. A water meter is ideal for large dogs, a few centimeters are enough for small dogs. Several forms also exist: square, oval, round, etc.

Regarding materials, you will mainly choose from

  • A plastic or PVC basin resistant, accessible from a price point of view, easy to clean.
  • A metal basin is resistant. It has high edges for greater filling capacity that plastic basins, generally lower. Some large basins have ramps to help the dog out of the water without your help.

The most important is to choose a pool for solid dog. It must withstand the weight of the water and animals, and also to resist possible scratches and dog bites.

You will find pools Dog accessible from $ 30 up to about $ 160, depending on model and equipment.

What precautions?

Some precautions should be observed for good swimming and for the safety of your pet.

  • It is advisable to empty and clean the pool regularly to avoid the appearance of bacteria or algae growth.
  • If the pool is not equipped, it is advisable to have a rubber mat to prevent it from slipping.
  • It is advised to never leave your dog alone in the water. Only a few centimeters are sufficient for drowning.

After a good swim, it is recommended to dry the back of your pet. Small drops favor indeed sunburn.

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