Sunscreen is an essential accessory for the summer. But instead of choosing the first sunscreen that falls into your hands, watch its protection index and choose a cream for your skin tone. Sunscreen prevents sunburn, because as you know, the sun can burn skin dangerously!

What sun cream for my skin

What sunscreen for my skin?

Choose your sunscreen depending on your skin color

If you still have sunscreen in the summer, it is safer to purchase a new tube or spray. You see a small pot icon on your tube of sunscreen? The "best before" date is indicated: for example, "12M" means that 12 months after opening, the properties of sunscreen are not guaranteed.

So quickly go towards the store of your choice (big box, cosmetics shop, drugstore) and choose your sunscreen!

clear complexion

If you are blond or redhead with blue eyes, and you tend to blush when the spring sun, you know the song. Protect yourself to the max with a high protection sunscreen (50+ index).

dark complexion:

If you do not need a sunscreen such as "total protection", must not however leave the sunscreen in the bag. You can choose a sunscreen protection "average", with an index 20 or 30 for example.

Your skin is not very clear, but not tanned? Choose your sunscreen depending on your sensitivity, the place where you are, and schedule of sun exposure. With 50+ index, you do not take risks, but 30 may be sufficient.

Dark Complexion:

You never caught sunburn, but this does not prevent you protect against premature aging of the skin. You can take a low SPF sunscreen for 15, 10 or even less.

For your comfort, choose a sunscreen that smells and spreads well!

Whatever your skin type, follow these tips:

Must be repeated applications of sunscreen about every two hours, especially after swimming. Whatever the degree of protection, no sunscreen protects you longer than another. Spread out your sunscreen everywhere, and so avoid the little sunburn on the back, on foot, or on the edge of the seams of your swimsuit for example! If you are in the sea, the mountains, or if there is a lot of wind, the sun is doubly dangerous. You can choose a higher SPF than usual for your sunscreen or otherwise protect you: clothing, hat, umbrella...

Namely: children and the elderly should be well protected with a sunscreen with a high factor.

If you have skin problems, consult your doctor before sun exposure. If in doubt about your sensitivity, it is worth taking a high protection factor. Sunscreen does not prevent tanning, so do not hesitate!