Bathe in your above ground pool in the middle of a pretty garden! Plants and accessories decorate your garden and highlight your above-ground pool.

A beautiful garden around your above ground pool

A beautiful garden around your above ground pool

Design your garden around the above ground pool

It is possible to arrange a flower garden around your pool. Your above ground pool must remain exposed to the sun and not be soiled by different plants, but you can create original scenes at a distance from the pool.

You can color your garden, make it natural and living by the harmonious arrangement planters on your pool deck, the development of a vegetable garden or orchard, planting different flowers throughout the garden space, etc.

Customize the path to your pool

Also think about access to your above ground pool. From your house, walk up the pool on a paved stone path, for example. Then find pool accessories that will enhance your garden: above ground pool ladder, fountains, pool lights...

Also, if you have an above ground pool wood, many opportunities available to you for a garden in wood!