Concrete is a conventional coating to a swimming beach. But a concrete swimming beach draining, what is it?

A concrete pool deck drainage

The Layouts your pool

Pervious concrete, what is it?

Pervious concrete is a concrete which is often presented as ecological and pro-environment. In reality, pervious concrete is a special concrete, which has the specificity to be much more breathable, permeable and porous than other concretes. Thanks to aggregates which it is made, which have the characteristic to let flow the waters instead of barrier.

So when it rains on pervious concrete, the water will not stagnate on the surface, but automatically infiltrate into the ground!
This is why the pervious concrete is presented as an ecological coating: it respects the natural water cycle allows the water allowing it to penetrate naturally into the ground where it fell. In addition, the pervious concrete allows to hydrate the soil and contributes to groundwater recharge.

Principle of a concrete pool deck drainage

The principle of a draining concrete swimming beach is simple. By using this environmentally friendly coating around the pool, dress her pelvis a pool terrace which can be watered throughout the year (by rain, but also splashes which are often associated with games in the pool! ) without ever risking any puddle on his swimming beach!
And a puddle of water on a swimming beach, it obviously rhymes with slips, falls, injuries and accidents...
Not to mention the water can run off into the pool (especially if the pool is not equipped with coping) in case of heavy rain!

The advantages of a concrete pool deck drainage

Although the range of conventional concrete pool is very nice, concrete pool Beach draining has many advantages. Indeed, pervious concrete proves to be a coating:

  • Secure, avoiding the formation of puddles on the pool deck, and thus greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls when it is wet. Besides the pervious concrete for swimming beach is non-slip!
  • Aesthetics: there are many colors for pervious concrete swimming beach, and it is even possible to choose the size of the aggregates to create a particular material effect.
  • Pleasant: Because of its soft granularity of this type of concrete, it is very nice to walk barefoot on a draining concrete swimming beach. And as it is breathable, it does not retain heat: no risk of burning your feet in summer!
  • Durable: although a concrete swimming beach draining does not need much maintenance, this type of coating lasts well over time.
  • Quick to install. The installation of a draining concrete swimming beach must be done by professionals, but the site usually lasts 2-3 days maximum!