Chlorinated water ensures clean pools but is also very bad for your hair, your skin and your swimsuit. Side nails, the result is the same! Learn how chlorine is it the number 1 enemy of nails, what is the best treatment to protect your nails and chlorine what other alternatives.

How to protect your nails chlorinated water

How to protect her nails chlorinated water? DR

Chlorine, enemy number 1

If chlorine is essential in swimming pools to maintain the cleanest possible water, however it is very aggressive for the skin, hair and also nails! It has a drying action that makes your nails more brittle, softer and more brittle. Chlorine is also the worst enemy of your nail polish flaking from the first dive.

Deal in depth

To protect your nails from chlorinated water, it is important to take care of every day, not just before your swim session. Every day, think moisturize your hands with vegetable oil. Some brands even offer special care to protect your nails chlorine. The night before you go to bed, it is recommended to apply some shea butter on your hands to moisturize deeply. Repeat the operation before each swim workout. This way, you create a protective film on your nails. To reinforce the nourishing overnight, you can also put on cotton gloves just before bedtime. For a more in-depth treatment, you can finally opt for a cure of evening primrose oil and borage. To be taken for several weeks, capsules fortify your nails from within.

Other alternatives

There are other ways to protect your nails from chlorine effects. You can apply nail polish to create a protective film. But forget the cheap varnish flaking from the first swim. Invest in a good polish and apply two coats (with at least 20 minutes apart). Finish with a layer of top coat for finishing and protection. However, even with this technique, your polish will not last long. Some cosmetic brands offer ranges that are water resistant but the best is still the nail polish to nails permanent or semi-permanent gel. With this technique, you have impeccable nails for about three weeks.