You refuse to give up your beauty routine at the beach or at the pool, no problem! Brands of cosmetics chouchoutent recent years the beauty-addicts in producing water-resistant make-up. Zoom on the waterproof mascara eyelid.

Waterproof eye eyelid for a glamorous look to the beach and pool

For a glamorous look to the beach and the pool

Water and fat do not mix

The shadows in waterproof eyelid, like the foundation, mascara and eyeliner waterproof, are composed of water and fat that do not mix. therefore included is volatile solvents, waxes of animal, vegetable or mineral origin and polymers. Its formula allows it to resist water, sweat and friction.

If you invest in makeup water resistant, buy at the same time a special makeup remover waterproof. It is found on the market so-called removers "two-phase", consisting of a liquid part and an oily part (think stir flake before use to mix the two substances). You can also opt for a cleansing oil that will fit the bill.

How to apply a waterproof eye lids?

For a successful makeup, it is advisable to apply at least two colors. We start with the lightest shade that spreads from the base of the eyelid outward and the darkest color is applied to the sides and blend outward.

If you choose a three-color makeup, make sure the colors are always in the same tone. the lightest color is applied to the entire eyelid (from lash line to brow bone), and the medium shade on the eyelid. Finally, apply the darkest color on the outer corner of the eyelid, forming a V.

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