Whether you are a professional swimmer or a casual sports, one of the keys to successful training is a balanced diet. Although caloric expenditure vary from one swimmer to another, swimming requires special energy needs with rules.

Swimming adopt any power

Swimming and nutrition: rules to follow

How does one calorie expenditure during a workout?

There is a common side mortal and the other, the Olympic champion Michael Phelps. When a sedentary man has a daily caloric requirement of 2100 kcal (1800 for women), the American eats 12,000 calories per day.

For lambda swimmers, calorie consumption would be between 400kcal per training hour, 600 to 700 kcal / h for more sustained sessions. An hour drive way world champion can swallow up to 1000 kcal.

What to eat and when?

You never say it enough but it is important to not skip any meal! Your body needs energy it mainly found in carbohydrate as stocks located within the muscles (glycogen) or carbohydrates in the blood (glucose).

In practice, plan a meal rich in carbohydrates (pasta, rice, etc.) the day before a workout to increase your glycogen stores. Be sure to drink plenty of water during the meal.

In the morning, expect a rich and varied breakfast that can cover at least 25% of daily energy intake. It MUST have a drink (tea, coffee or water), a dairy, a serving of fruit (fresh fruit, applesauce, fresh fruit salad or orange juice) and a complex sugar intake (cereals, wholemeal bread). Food lovers can eat butter, jam or honey but in moderation.

Two or three hours before the workout, give yourself a snack rich in fats and sugars. So you can fall for a piece of cake, we will not blame you.

It is important not to zap the meal after exercise. Choose a menu rich in protein to promote muscle mass gain.

Most important: hydration

This is not because we are in the water we do not sweat! A swimmer also loses a lot of water during his workouts. It is therefore necessary to have a bottle of water nearby and drink regularly.

Dehydration can lead to increased risk of injury and a more difficult recovery.