Municipal or private swimming pools are public places where many users coexist. In rush hour, it is sometimes difficult to swim and it is essential to impose some discipline so that everyone get along and swims in harmony. Pool guide tells you some rules of etiquette to share best water lines with other swimmers.

Turns and pelvis cohabitation

Turns and pelvis cohabitation

  • Respect the direction of swimming

In a pool, each lane operates as if it were a road. There is a sense of movement to respect. You should always swim on the right side of the line so that it can swim to several in the same line without interfering.

  • Do not speed up when another double swimmer

If another swimmer swims faster than you and trying to pass you, do not accelerate! Let him go and continue to swim on your own.

  • Observe the level of water lines

Before entering the water, watching the swimmers in each line and see that which is closest to your level. Do not look at you overestimate because once in the water, you may disturb other swimmers and you may quickly exhaust yourself if you want to follow a pace that is not yours. In some pools, different levels are indicated by a sign at the end of each lane. Some are also sometimes reserved for the use of flippers and swimming platelets.

  • Do not park in the end

If you need to stop after a length, do not park in the end at the wall because you might disturb other swimmers in their turn. Hold on to the water line and let the free space.

  • Do not swim side by side

In water lines, it is important to swim in single file order not to hinder swimmers coming the other way.

  • Do not start under the nose of another swimmer

If you are stopped at the end of a swimmer and arrives at the wall, wait for it reparte before leaving for a new length.

  • Apologizing crash

If you collide with another swimmer or give it a shot unintentionally, you apologize.

  • Do not cross the line without looking

When out of the pool, if you must cross other lines of water, be careful not to disturb other swimmers. Wait until the way is clear to cross.

  • Avoid certain medley and accessories

If you go swimming at rush hour, it is best to avoid certain households such as butterfly or backstroke. Swimming the butterfly, you might give a helping arm the other swimmers, crossing and back crawl, you may deflect and find yourself on the next line without even realizing it. Also avoid the use of fins and boards.

Discover all the rules of etiquette to the pool to spend a good time!