A natural pool sometimes requires less work than a traditional pool: no masonry, no chemical equipment for the water treatment, etc. However, it is preferable that its design be studied or performed by a professional landscaping or natural pool design.

Building a natural pool to install a biological pond at home

Building a natural pool is an individual and progressive process.

construction steps for a natural pool

Building a natural pool can be time consuming because you have to let nature thrive and create the ecosystem. Here are the essential building steps:

  • Make grading and soil stabilization,
  • Ask the waterproofing membrane which constitute the bottom and sides of the pool,
  • Choose and arrange aquatic plants in the lagoon area,
  • Arranging space, ask the sets, perform finishes,
  • Fill the basin with rain water for a 100% environmental approach.

Some natural pool builders realize a concrete structure. But in all cases, the water filtration system is natural: only plants are used to purify water. so be expected to have grown well for the natural process of cleaning the pool is started.

Construction of a natural pool: what to know

Around the main stages of construction are slipping further work: the pool plan may provide a water circuit and install a pump to help water to regenerate more effectively, for example. It is for this type of specificity that the support of a specialist will be invaluable. The building itself is not difficult, but the development and maintenance of a natural pool may seem complex at first.

Gardening is an important step in building a natural swimming pool, and it takes time. It should choose plants and arrange them wisely for they bring you all the benefits expected.

The natural pool is a way of life. It must indeed take the time to let nature take action to clean water.