If you want a small pool in your garden, the choice is yours. Small pools above ground or buried are cheap and effective. Quickly installed, they bring an unparalleled bathing comfort.

The small pool piscinette a mini pool while at home

A small ground pool is easy to install on small terraces.

The different kinds of small pools

There are different types of small pools, some are more known than others but all represent less investment than a larger pool.

  • Inflatable pools for children are very small and very shallow. They settle on a season and fall once the winter.
  • The pools more affordable above ground are quite small. You can not really swim in a pool that is 3 or 4 meters in diameter, but the small above ground pool is a place of relaxation and fun in the summer.
  • You can of course build a small in-ground, for reasons of aesthetics and comfort. This type of pool will be much more expensive than the previous but has an elegance unmatched. As a full-size pool, it can be concrete, kit or pool shell.

Small pool but big savings!

If a standard pool model holds up to 100m3 of water, a piscinette does not contain more than 20m3.

The small pool guarantees some economies, not only to buy but also to use:

  • Installation work lower
  • A small pool requires less maintenance products a medium size swimming pool
  • Etc.

For cons, the service time does not necessarily diminish with a small pool, especially if you want to keep it pristine.

Another advantage: the construction of a small pool (? Less than 100m) does not require a building permit. You do not need to undertake any specific administrative process, so you save time. *

Convinced? To install the piscinette your dream home, do not hesitate to contact a piscinist near you through our directory Pool Care.