The pool is a polyester monohull swimming pool: the polyester shell is made in the factory before you will be delivered and installed. The polyester pool is quicker to build than a traditional in-ground pool.

Polyester pool fast pool shell to install

The polyester pool is a pool shell done in that matter.

A polyester pool, what is it?

The polyester pool is very tight and has the advantage of being quickly installed. It takes less than a week to turn your garden into a shiny new bathing area. The polyester-ground pool is the fastest to build.

The polyester shell pool is manufactured at the factory. The hull is molded into the polyester, so it is possible to give variety of shapes. Once removed from the mold, the polyester shell is ready to be installed in the pit (called trench bottom) that has been dug in your garden.

The installation of a polyester pool

The work required for a polyester pool are less than for a concrete pool:

  • Excavation and preparation of flat land: one puts such a layer of gravel to ask them hull pool
  • Installation of the hull: step preferably reserved for professionals.
  • Backfilling the pit: very important for the polyester pool remains stable
  • Installation of curbs on a concrete belt,
  • Connection to the hydraulic circuit.

Warning, your polyester pool is not removable. Once installed, or molded, it is difficult to go back. This is why we ask you not to forget any details before ordering your polyester pool: filtration systems, etc. Everything must be planned!

To facilitate delivery of your polyester pool shell, your home and especially your garden should be relatively accessible. And always for delivery, can polyester pool sizes being too large because the standards of transport on the road.

It will also require a crane to set up the pool in the pit. This machine may need to landscape your garden to give him space.