To finance the construction of your pool, you can take out a personal loan, a home loan or a "work ready". Back on the latter possibility, and the peculiarities of the "work ready" for the construction of a swimming pool.

The loan work for building a swimming pool

Think swimming pool

What is a "work ready"?

The term "work ready" means a work credit for consumption (or personal loan Work) established between a financial institution and the borrower. This is a personal loan, allocated or not, may be granted for repair, improvement or maintenance of a building or equipment appliances. It is bordered by the Lagarde law since 1 May 2011 for all loans granted to individuals or Civil Societies Estate (SCI), a period exceeding one month (up to 5 years), and for an amount up $ 200 to $ 75,000. The law Lagarde has indeed increase the maximum amount of the "loan work" to $ 75,000.

The "work ready" targets owners with a primary or secondary residence, or tenants.

Note: It is possible to withdraw, for a better offer or if proposed amendments, within 14 calendar days after joining the "work ready" without penalty or reason to invoke.

For what work?

These $ 75,000 (or lesser amount) allow financing without proof of use, improvements, repairs or maintenance.
Indoors, it can be work such as setting standards for electrical, installation of air conditioning, thermal insulation, installation of double glazing, etc. Outdoors it may be supervise development work terrace, repairing a porch or building a swimming pool.

A "work ready" for my swimming pool at what rate?

The rate charged for the "work ready" is the Effective Annual Rate Global (APR), which includes percentage:

  • the interest rate
  • application fee
  • incidental expenses
  • compulsory insurance *

This APR is between 2.5% and 8.84% of the capital borrowed by financial institutions (and even 10% for some).

* Compulsory insurance support the monthly payments or the remaining capital in the event of job loss, temporary incapacity or disability, or death.