Building a pool is a big construction site. Before you start, it is important to answer a number of questions for each stage of construction. Questions you can answer your own or with a professional (architect, pool builder or other). Focus on these five questions.

5 Questions to ask before building a swimming pool

5 questions to ask before building a pool

Consult the planning rules

Before taking any decision on the swimming style, it is important to learn about the planning rules and your joint health, and all other legal requirements (size, shape, color, etc.). You have to think also to the environment even the pool: what is the nature of the soil? Where do you want to set the pool? How much space do you have? The answer to these questions will help you clarify your project, and to see what he can do in terms of construction.

What kind of pool and at what price?

A pool is a pool of water. Until then, nothing surprising. However, there are many basins filled with water... Buried pools, semi-underground and above ground, polyester basins and masonry basins, ecological or not pools, etc. Each type of match pool construction techniques. It is important to choose the method of construction, to define the pool of style you want to build.
On the other hand, it is also an important element in defining your budget.

What type of building?

The main question you need to answer here is whether you use a pool builder or you yourself build your pool; we talk about self-construction for pool installation kit for example. Beyond the construction mode, at this stage, you have to think on paperwork for the construction of your pool: do you need a statement of work or a building permit?

What accessories?

One of the most exciting probably questions: what are the different accessories you want to add to your pool in terms of maintenance, water treatment, comfort, landscaping, etc.

What maintenance / treatment?

A swimming pool is maintained regularly, and the interview takes time. You can expect an average of one hour per week for future maintenance of your pool. But time spent on pool maintenance also depends on the hardware you have, or the shape and size of your pool.