Swim in the pool in privacy and away from prying eyes and without disturbing others, it's still the B.A-ba. That is why the law was thought to provide legal distances to implant a swimming pool in his garden.

Legal distances to establish a pool

The Legal distances to establish a pool

The legal distances from the neighborhood

To prevent the construction of a swimming pool in our garden leads to overlooked problems with our neighbors, it is very important to respect the legal distances for the construction of a swimming pool imposed by law.

The legislation is also very clear about this: the rules of the Town Planning Code regarding land use needed to provide the required distance of 3 meters between the close of our neighbor and the edges of our pool.

However, it is imperative to move to the town hall before the building (when making the request for a building permit, for example) to see the PLU (local development plan) our town. Indeed, if the law imposes a regulatory distance of 3 meters, it may well be that our common, for reasons of protection or such site ranking, imposes certain specific local and stricter rules. As many know them before starting work!

If lacommune has no PLU, it may be that it has a RNU (National Town Planning Regulations) or POS (Plan Land Use). What we are reassured: the administrative procedures are less complicated than they seem, and can even be done via internet!

Legal distances and problems vis-a-vis

Although the law imposes a minimum legal distance of 3 meters, it could not be more advisable to put the greatest possible distance between the boundary of the property of our neighbor and our pool.

Indeed, we must not forget that swimming is possible noise (noise of users, noise from the pool pump, etc.) and visual (if you also want to equip a high pool enclosure by example). It's a pity that our pool becomes a reason for conflict with the neighborhood!

Especially since whatever our pool of implantation, a disgruntled neighbor may always invoke the third law if he believes he is the victim of "an abuse of rights or abnormal disturbance of the neighborhood." He will have to then prove that it is indeed the victim of a nuisance, but it is better not get it.

Legal distances from public roads

When installing a swimming pool in the garden, it is still more nice to bathe in privacy... This is why the law, notably through Article R. 111-6 of the Town Planning Code, requires our pool is a remote minimum of public roads.
And imposes particular a distance of 40 meters between our pool and the nearest motorway, and a distance of 25 meters between our pool and the axis of major traffic roads (national, departmental) closest.

Note: These distances are only valid out-of-town. Renseigez you always in your city.