Before you finalize your project, you want to compare prices pools. It is an approach entirely justified: with you.

Our price comparison according to the pool type

The price of a pool can vary greatly from one model to another.

Price comparison according to the pool type

These prices are totally indicative but can give you an order of magnitude of the price depending on the type of pool you choose:

Type of pool

Price estimation

Aboveground pool

From $ 100 for a freestanding or inflatable pool

above ground pool kit

From $ 1,000 for a rigid pool (steel, wood)

Inground pool kit

From $ 5,000

built swimming pool

From $ 15,000

wooden pool

From 2 000 to $ 15,000

piece swimming pool

From $ 12,000

natural swimming pool

From $ 10,000

Indoor pool

From $ 20,000

custom pool

From $ 50,000

For prices charged by manufacturers or pool of manufacturers in your area, please make detailed quote.

Regarding the type of pool is to define your budget but also to taste. If you prefer a wooden above ground pool with a shotcrete pool is good for your wallet, because the price is a priori lower! As to the luxurious pools, prices can be very high, but for a result that meets all expectations...

For the same type of pool you can opt for either a kit or for construction by a professional. A kit pool is less expensive, but you must have some DIY skills to properly install it. The professional intervention necessarily increases the price of the pool, but also the assurance of quality work quickly and efficiently.

Attention because the pool price sometimes you add the cost of ancillary works. Many parameters affect the price of a pool: materials, options, dimensions, etc. To learn more, read our tips on estimating the price of a pool.