The sale of used pools can be a great alternative to buying a new pool. It should be vigilant on some essential points to be sure of getting a good deal.

Pool selling used pallets unearth bargains

Buying a used pool may allow you to save several hundred euros.

Points to check when selling a used pool

When selling a used product, please take the time to go around the subject to not have bad surprises once purchased your pool:

• Check the general condition of the pool: traces of mold, defects, etc. must be absent from the pool.
• The pool liner must be in excellent condition: a small leak liner repairs itself, but if it is too high the cost will be more consistent.
• The accessories supplied with your used pool, such as the pool pump must be in good working order: do not hesitate to test them.
• For an inflatable pool or tractor, make sure that there is no hole in the tubes or, if necessary ask the seller to an inflation test.
• Regarding the pools in kit, check that nothing is missing and everything works.

Where to find a used pool?

You can find a used pool very easily via internet classifieds sites. Moreover, some professionals resell the used pool equipment at bargain prices. The pools and used equipment sold by the Pool Care are generally under guaranteed.

However, be aware that if you buy your used to a particular pool, you will have no recourse.

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