Whether you experienced cyclist, expert or novice, open up a new sport as part of a sports training can be very effective! Winter is the perfect time to go swimming in addition to the bike. Discover why cycling and swimming mix.

Cycling and swimming

Swimming and cycling can be complementary to the sports.

Why cycling and swimming are they complementary?

It may be interesting or very beneficial to combine cycling with swimming and for different reasons. First know that swimming helps to break the monotony of a cycling workout. It also offers the opportunity to work different muscles and different way. Swimming is especially recommended to strengthen the maintenance of muscles. Indeed, swimming, without even realizing it, you apply the midsection to keep the body properly aligned. So you work your abs and particularly the obliques. Swimming is also excellent for improving your endurance, your breathing and your heart rate which can be very useful also in cycling.

The drive of the cyclist in swimming

Every cyclist is not necessarily good swimmer. We must therefore adapt the swimming session at the level of the cyclist. If you are not a regular pools, first make a test session to evaluate your level. Start with a 40-minute session swimming at your own pace, without forcing and swim your choice. The goal is not to suffer but to end the session and improve your fitness. Feel free to focus on the legs by making beats (with or without fins). Prefer continuous work without too many breaks to work on your stamina and contact a coach if you find that your technique is poor. Indeed, to see the benefits of swimming, you have to master the medley at the risk of exhausting yourself for anything and cause you muscle injury. In winter, book the swimming sessions for the end of the day and go out biking when it's still light.

Swimming: the complementary sport par excellence

Ideal to complete the cycling, swimming is actually complementary sport par excellence and this, whatever the sport. Since this is a sport "carried", it preserves the joints and greatly reduces the risk of injury. Swimming is also great for relaxing muscles. It has a relaxing effect and is particularly recommended to recover after an intense effort. A swim after a long bike ride reduces aches and prepares the muscles for the next effort.

Many sports can be complementary to swimming, like running!