Whether you swim alone or with a coach, it is interesting to define a sports project in swimming. What is the point of establishing a sports project in swimming? What are the different criteria to be taken into account to establish a valid and motivating sports project?

Establish a sports project in swimming

Establish a sports project in swimming DR

Why establish a sports project in swimming?

Whether you are a beginner or a swimmer, it is important to establish a framework to your workouts. This way you stay motivated to the end and you give meaning to your swimming sessions. What's more annoying than swimming laps without any specific purpose and no ambition! By establishing a sports project, you are more regular in your workouts and you try to outdo you. No sports project, the sessions become monotonous quickly. But be careful to establish a sports project in swimming, it is important to ask the right questions and put everything in writing.

How to establish a sports project in swimming?

To establish a sports project in swimming that makes sense, it is essential to:

  • identify your motivations: think at leisure to know what you would like to achieve during your workout. All are valid reasons: to a 50 m in 50 seconds, improving his breathing, learning to swim the butterfly or just lose a few kilos. Do not be too demanding with yourself and focus on one goal at a time.
  • establish a schedule: study your schedule and try to find niches for swimming. Allow several times a week and ask yourself what will be the duration of each. If you think another sport in parallel, it is important to take into account. The pace of your workouts should not be too restrictive for your family or professional life because otherwise you may quickly give up. Also, set a fixed schedule and try to stick to it. But do not panic if one day, you can not go swimming. It is also possible to catch your workout another day.
  • set goals: it is indispensable to stay motivated through your sports project. The objectives that you set you must first be simple and measurable (using a stopwatch or scales, for example). They must also be ambitious and realistic. We must try to overtake you while being aware of your fitness and your abilities. Your goals should finally be defined in time, that is to say that you should set yourself a deadline to achieve them.