A pool enclosure rotunda has a shape and a specific technology. Aesthetic and practical, this is an ideal shelter with a round or oval shaped pool.

Rotunda Pool enclosure

Rotunda Pool enclosure

What is a shelter rotunda pool?

A rotunda pool enclosure can be round or oval. The sides of the shelter are rounded.

In the manner of a shelter of panoramic swimming pool, the technology of this type of pool enclosure allows it to open module by module. The first slide module inside of the shelter, and so on. The shelter rotunda pool can therefore open partially or fully, in order to discover the pool sides.

With a wooden structure, the Rotunda pool enclosure is particularly attractive. If you choose the pool enclosure as safety equipment, you can opt for a shelter rotunda approved NF P 90-309, which meets the required criteria.

Why choose a rotunda pool enclosure?

round or oval pool, roman steps, rounded free form? Choose a rotunda pool enclosure because it molds to your pelvis and remains in harmony with the amenities of your garden, as opposed to a shelter right pool.

A rotunda pool enclosure is also convenient to handle. Usually high or medium high, it offers various advantages in terms of comfort and aesthetics. This type of shelter can also be placed against a wall. There are different possibilities: contact a professional to help you assess your needs and define the type of shelter you.

For the price of a shelter rotunda pool, the best solution is to make several requests for quotes. Ask your quotes with Guide-piscine.com!