The shelter is very effective down to the pool water is always at the right temperature. Discreet, it can also be removed for more freedom.

Labri low and mid-low water always at the right temperature

The low enclosure, stockings: a water temperature always good

Why choose a low enclosure?

Filling swimming in water at safe temperatures much of the year, the dream... The low shelter allows, it works like a greenhouse! You want to do your lengths without suffering a biting wind inappropriate? The telescopic shelter shields. You want a shelter that fits well in your garden and not visible behind your hedges? The shelter is discrete low. In addition, the low enclosure ensures security around your pond: when closed, it is shock resistant and prevents possible accidents.

Materials, models and regulations to protect low

The low shelter is often composed of an aluminum frame, lightweight, and polycarbonate walls. It comes in three types:

- a fixed structure anchored to the ground
- a telescopic structure: when you open it, the elements fit together in a final fixed element
- a removable structure: removable and stackable.

The low shelter can provide more space: it is then called stockings shelter (or mid-high, depending on the manufacturer). There are also dishes shelters that fit better in your environment and respect the aesthetics of your pool. Then the shelter down to the mobile terrace is yours!

The low shelter does not require building permits, unlike the protective cover on a pool of less than 100 m2. However, it requires a statement of work. If you build a larger pool, the pool and its shelter should be a statement of work. For an existing pool, no formalities need to do to install a low enclosure.

And my budget?

The low shelter is the "affordable" shelter, but count still between 5 and 10 000 $ for a removable bottom cover, from 10 000 to $ 20 000 for a low telescopic shelter. A significant budget, it is better to have foreseen at the beginning of your pool construction project.

In 2010, 8 shelters installed in 10 shelters down *. The reasons for this success? A more affordable budget that senior shelters and fewer constraints.

* Source: Pool Professionals Federation.