Do not underestimate the usefulness of the eyelets of your cover: these small accessories contribute to obtaining a resistant fastening system, especially as they are available in several materials. Learn how to use your carnations and how to choose.

The pool cover for eyelets

The eyelets for pool tarpaulin DR

What are the eyelets of a pool cover?

Among the tarps that you find on the market, some will already be equipped with grommets: the reinforced holes are particularly significant when you want to attach your cover fasteners, especially in the case of a tarpaulin or a winter cover. Indeed, without these eyelets that allow you to attach your cover, it could never stay in place when you install it.

If your tank is not fitted with grommets or she does not have enough, know that it is possible to pierce yourself and add them. For this, you can purchase a kit of self-piercing eyelets, where you will find the necessary equipment to drill a tarp, and you can add your eyelets easily.

Also, know that it is usually possible to replace grommets already present, if they do not please you an aesthetic point of view or that you think they are not suitable for the use you make of it . Indeed, there are eyelets in a variety of materials, and some are more aesthetic than others, as some are more or less adapted to the outside.

How to choose your pool cover for carnations?

The tarpaulin eyelets seem insignificant, yet they come in all kinds of materials, sizes and colors. Indeed, you will find very different grommets to suit all uses and all styles:

  • Plastic eyelets: these carnations usually provided in the kits self-perforating eyelets that allow you to set you alone carnations. They are very easy to install since a hammer enough to pierce the sheet and attach the grommet to the location of your choice;
  • The brass eyelets: they can also be installed easily, plus they are best suited for use outdoors. In this case, they are ideal for a pool cover that will be exposed to the weather and to external aggression;
  • Carnations in various metal: they are particularly resistant, especially when steel and are all suitable for your pool cover. However, it is usually carnations suited to very thick sheeting: so make sure they can be installed on your own.

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