Your pool, you conceive as a friendly space, an extra room for your home? Senior or mixed shelter is right for you.

Senior shelter, shelter to live

Senior shelter, shelter to live

The shelter high: live your pool

The pool, for you, it's a way of life: to swim and cool off, certainly, but not only. Lunch beside your pool, laze by monitoring your children, welcome friends at night for a midnight swim, swim even if it rains... your pool is part of your everyday life and it's a little vacation everyday.

Your high shelter protects from drops leaves and retains heat, not to shiver out of your pool if you bathe a windy day. But your high enclosure is also one more room, a veranda: secured against your home, shelter allows up to move freely and easily from the bathroom to the pool for example. Finally, the high shelter will provide value not only your pool but also to your home.

height enclosures: budget and work

Better to know now: a top shelter represents a substantial budget. If you choose a telescopic high shelter, count about 15 000 to 30 000 $. This price varies according to the size of the shelter, but also according to materials (shelter with a wooden structure will be more aesthetic but more expensive).

The high fixed shelter is still up the ante: designed as a conservatory, it is treated as an architectural creation. For this type of shelter, $ 50,000 is a minimum.

Senior shelters require either a building permit (together for your pool) a statement of work (for an existing pool).