If you have the privilege of owning an indoor pool, you definitely know that it is very important to control the humidity of the room in which is located the basin. Indeed, moisture is a problem facing many indoor pools owners.

A tarp for indoor pool

A tarpaulin for indoor

indoor pool and moisture problems: what works?

Evaporation, condensation, fogging the windows, difficulty breathing... If you can not maintain proper humidity in the room where your pool is located, it will risk you create many problems!
Moisture is not only cause discomfort but is also likely to damage your walls, ceilings, decorative accessories, etc. Corrosion, are fungi and mold proliferation, among others, the consequences of too high humidity in a room.
Before installing an indoor pool, it should insulate the room and make sure the balance between water temperature and the ambient air. The goal is to avoid as much evaporation and condensation phenomena.
An efficient ventilation system and an air dehumidifier is highly recommended. But you can also use a pool cover to reduce evaporation of water.

The indoor swimming pool cover: ideal to fight against humidity

When the pool is not used, the best solution to prevent evaporation of the water (and therefore the humidity) is covering it. Certainly the aesthetics of the room will suffer, but cover your pool will allow you to save money but also to preserve the place and keep it healthy.
Obtain a preferably bubble cover (or possibly a foam sheet). Compact and inexpensive, it installs and removes easily. You will have far less humidity.