The solar cover, in addition to protecting your pool water impurities may win him a few degrees of temperature. The solar cover considerably reduces the heat loss of water, and limiting evaporation.

A solar cover warm water swimming pool

A solar heat up tarpaulin allows its economical way of pool.

The operation of a solar cover

The solar cover pool enhances the effect of sunlight. It allows to accumulate a maximum solar energy that passes through the sheet and thus can raise the temperature to 8 ° C. If there is a lot of wind, your solar cover is not as effective but it will always be useful to preserve water quality and reduce heat loss.

A solar cover is a bubble cover, the bubble side is placed on the surface of the water. Your solar cover can be stored around a pool cover reel.

The price of a solar pool cover

The price of a solar pool cover varies depending on the size of your pond. This type of cover is also more expensive than a conventional bubble cover as it takes on average between $ 100 and $ 200.

Although the price is higher, the use of a solar cover can enable you to save energy in the long term. The savings will be well visible on your electricity bill.

Heated swimming pool with solar energy

The solar cover can be used in conjunction with a solar heating, connected to the pool pump. These two additional systems can effectively increase the water temperature of ecological and economically.

Other solutions exist to heat its swimming pool using solar energy such as photovoltaics and solar dome's pool.