The price of a pool cover can range from under $ 100 to $ 7,000. What happens next? The price depends on the size of the cover, of course, but what are the types of the cheapest pool covers?

Cheap pool cover to find the best price

Not an expensive pool cover is pretty quickly if you take the time to look.

pool cover: the cheapest choice

The canvas is the most affordable pool cover market, especially the summer tarpaulin. Indeed, it is a flexible and lightweight solar cover, that you simply place on the water when the pool is not in use, then fold and store when you want to discover the basin.

With a small budget, forget the automatic cover or shutters. A safety cover is also more expensive than a pool net. Cheap coverage thus serve mainly to preserve the quality of your pool water. Weather, leaves, insects, pollution: if you cover your pool even with a cheap cover, your water will be protected and you will save on maintenance.

Find a pool cover discounted or used

To find a cheap pool cover, you can also search through the discount covers or used. also enjoy the promotions of brands if they are interesting and if the discounted blankets are what you expect.

A solution that you would not be expensive to opt for a pool cover 4 seasons: summer and winter, you will have only one blanket to protect and possibly secure your pool (NF P 90-308). Check with professionals to explore all possibilities.

The least expensive pool covers are soft covers, such net or bubble cover. But some discount brands may offer winter blankets or other cheap: ask and ask for pool cover quote.