To select your spa, consider its size. Set the ideal size for your spa in a place you have, and according to the use you make of it.

Choose the size and shape of your spa

The size and shape of your spa depend on where you plan to install.

The ideal size for your spa

If a spa manufacturer accompanies you in your project, the question of the spa dimensions will be well studied. Guests can receive professional advice for the installation of your spa. Moreover, if you buy a prefabricated kit or spa, make the right steps!

Ask yourself some basic questions to determine the ideal size for your spa:

  • Ask yourself first what room of your home or any location of the garden could accommodate your spa. Evaluate the maximum dimensions that the spa could have.
  • The spas can accommodate between 2 and 12 people. How many people could bathe simultaneously in the spa? Is the space available is sufficient?
  • Think about the ideal size for your spa according to the use you want to do. If it is used exclusively for relaxation and rest, it need not be very large. If you want a swim spa, the dimensions will be more important.
  • The price of your spa depends on its dimensions. If you have limited budget, choose a spa with reasonable dimensions.

The shape of your spa

The shape of your spacompte far as its dimensions. It is important to choose according to the room in which your spa will be installed. In a spacious room, any form of spa appropriate. In contrast to a smaller room, it is better to be limited to a square spa or corner that can easily be placed against a wall, freeing up space.

A more original form of spa will fit perfectly into a large room. If your spa does have a particular form, you can showcase placing it in the center of the room.

To choose the best size and shape of your future spa, feel free to compare several similar models, for example by asking for quotes from manufacturers in your area.