Winter is coming and with it, low temperatures, frost, snow... many events that do not allow you to bask in an inflatable spa! To help well through the winter, we help you to disassemble and store your inflatable spa before winter.

Remove and store an inflatable spa

Disassemble and store an inflatable spa DR

What are the preliminary steps in the winter with an inflatable spa?

To store an inflatable spa, it is not enough to bend it and put it carefully in its box. To be sure to retrieve it in good condition at the end of the rainy season, here are the steps to follow:

  • Disconnect the spa
  • Drain water, if this has not already been done, either with the included adapter and a hose directed towards an appropriate area of ​​the garden, or simply by opening the drain valve (also called garbage truck)
  • When only a few centimeters of water, it is advisable to clean the inflatable spa, more exactly the liner to prevent debris and dirt will come damaging its walls during the rainy season. You can brush the liner using a sponge or scrub brush (do not use abrasive cleaners).
  • Return the inflatable spa to drain the remaining water and clean the external walls and bottom of the spa.
  • Allow to dry in the sun for example, to prevent mold will not form during winter.
  • Before storage, it is advisable to check that there remains no trace of water on the walls and the air liner spa.

How to disassemble and store an inflatable spa?

When we talk of dismantling an inflatable spa, it is just matter of deflation. And to do that, we recommend you refer to your spa operating instructions to identify the correct procedure (depending on inflatable spa model you have).
Before storing your spa, it is advisable to fold it. Be careful, when folded, not to mark the angles they may damage the walls or leaving traces. Fold it carefully without force. A spa can be stored in a dry, sheltered from the cold, moisture and frost, indoors, in a garage or in a shed.