The "Nordic spa" includes several activities: hot baths, cold showers, sauna and body treatments. Let us an overview of the Nordic spa specificities, and also discover the hottub, a type of outdoor spa.

The Nordic spa a name for several types of care

The Nordic spa includes several passages in cold water and hot water.

The Nordic spa: a real wellness session

We talk about Nordic spa to designate an expansion formula with the use of multiple devices by alternating hot water baths and cold water.

You can benefit from a short stay or an afternoon "Nordic Spa" with Finnish sauna, outdoor hot tub, steam room, shower, Swedish carpet, terraces and relaxation areas... Your session can follow the ritual of sauna: shower, sauna, refresh, rest at a spa. All steps will be explained because they depend on the center where you visit and the chosen formula. you can also offer body treatments and massages.

With the Nordic spa, you forget your insomnia and stress of everyday life: 3 hours, you can relax and release all tensions, passing whirlpools with invigorating showers.

You come alone, in couples, families? You will find a suitable formula. Some include a meal or a night in a guest room. After a week of skiing, or in summer? You can get a Nordic spa in any season and at any age. First consult your doctor as a precaution because some care is not accessible to all (pregnant women, respiratory or heart problems, etc.).

What is a Nordic bath?

The hottub is an outdoor wooden hot tub, round. It is traditionally heated with wood. The water is very hot. The benefits of Nordic bath are numerous: relaxation, warmth and friendliness, vitality... The Nordic bath can also be called "hot tub". You can install this type of spa in your garden: well-being guaranteed!

The Nordic spa is not just a care formula, it is also a lifestyle. To reproduce at home, invest in a sauna and a Nordic bath.