In the morning, nothing more enjoyable than a passing shower for an invigorating wake. Why not also take a moment of rest and relaxation? Install a shower spa in your bathroom to enjoy the benefits of massage.

A home spa massage shower in water

A balneo shower can enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy at home.

The spa shower or the benefits of massage at home

Your bathroom is too small to accommodate a hot tub? Do not panic, you can still enjoy the benefits of massage by installing a whirlpool shower. Less cumbersome and more economical, the shower spa offers a variety of programs designed to relax and unwind.

Depending on the model, you can choose from several options to make your stay in the spa even more enjoyable shower. For basic options, you can choose between traditional massage jets, a rain shower (that is to say, the flowing water by sprinkling) or a foot massage.

On some models, you will find a steam function (excessive heat inside the shower to cause sweating) or alternative therapies like aromatherapy (care through essential oils), chromotherapy (color therapy) or music therapy (diffusion relaxing music in the cabin).

The virtues of the spa shower

Whirlpool showers are used primarily to relax and unwind in the morning before starting the day or in the evening after work. With all the options available on the spa shower, you will be spoiled for choice. Let yourself be lulled by the sweetness of the spa!

If you suffer from joint pain or blood circulation problems, the spa shower is ideal for you! The massage jets have a direct effect on your body and allow you to relieve your pain.

The price of a spa shower

For smaller budgets, you have the option of installing a hydromassage column directly in your shower cubicle. There are hydromassage columns from $ 300 approximately. Depending on the model and options selected, the price may exceed $ 1,000.

If you opt for a spa shower cabin, the price for entry is around $ 500. To take a shower cubicle with several options, count on average 1,000 to $ 4,000. Obviously there are luxury versions whose prices can climb to $ 10,000!

It is important to choose your spa shower in a place you have in your bathroom and your budget.

The shower spa is a wellness equipment accessible to small spaces and small budgets. Feel free to take a model with a steam function to vary the pleasures.