The quality of a spa shower through its valves: jets, massage jets, the hydromassage equipment... Focus on the faucet of the shower spa, features and price.

Choose your spa shower fitting selection criteria

Shower balneo installs easily in place of a traditional shower.

What is the fitting of a spa shower?

generally referred to whirlpool shower faucet to refer to massage shower columns. The massage shower column includes, on a single unit, a shower hose, a jet head and adjustable height, a mixing valve and a valve for the spa, which has various jets, adjustable massage nozzles, etc.

All these elements are integrated within a same column. This allows especially to conceal the connection of all the shower items. No need for an additional water supply: all are connected to the same water supply. This is a simple product to install, aesthetic and practical.

Only drawback? A column of hydromassage shower is not suitable for a walk-in shower. The water flow is more powerful than a traditional shower, the water may not drain properly.

How to choose a faucet shower spa?

There is a wide choice of models fittings shower spa. You can then choose:

  • manufacturing materials: teak, chrome or brushed steel, aluminum, reinforced plastic, glass.
  • the size and volume of the column, in particular according to the space available in the shower cubicle.
  • the hydromassage quality fittings: different projects, different equipment massage, various hydromassage and adjustable nozzles or illuminating LEDs. The whole is mounted on the same column for a specific massage different parts of the body.

What is the price of a massage shower column?

To purchase a power shower column, but simply brand, you must have a minimum of $ 500. There are calls for products between $ 100 and $ 200, usually available in supermarkets. Finally, there are columns of high-end shower, in elegant materials available around $ 1 300-1 500 $.

With its fittings, the spa shower can massage you pleasantly. However, it does not reaches the comfort of a spa bath.