The whirlpool tub is the equipment wellbeing par excellence. It operates on the principle of massage, such as hot tubs and spas, with nozzles and water. But all the whirlpools are not equal: how to choose yours?

The spa bath wellness equipment for the bathroom

Take time for yourself and relax thanks to the balneotherapy bathtub!

Great moments of relaxation at home

The hydromassage is unparalleled to relieve tension accumulated daily. The spa bath, thanks to its shape adapted to the body and its carefully placed jets, helps to relax the muscles and provides a general appeasement.

Some tubs allow further adapted to select a massage program. So even if you have only a twenty minute you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy.

The different types of whirlpools

Often the shape of the bath depends on its location. Indeed, a corner bath is more suitable for small spaces because it helps save space. Choose the most classic rectangular bath, whose pose is faster and cheaper.

You can also turn to the sunken spa bath in the ground. The latter has no equal to impart a design and contemporary ambience in your bathroom, but it requires a greater investment and jobs.

Apart form the main differences between whirlpools resident the options: number of nozzles, remote control, massage programs, chromotherapy, music therapy, aromatherapy (essential oils)... The options vary depending on the manufacturer. Take the time to distinguish those that will be helpful to your relaxation ones you do not think you serve.

The price of a spa bath

There are a multitude of bath models. Prices vary mainly depending on the material of the hull shape, the power of the pump and additional equipment. For a spa bath mid-range, count between 3 000 and 5 000.

A whirlpool tub is a wellness rather easy equipment to install in a bathroom condtition to have the place and the necessary budget. Otherwise, you can always convert your existing bathtub bubble bath with a whirlpool carpet.