In swimming, the body position is paramount to reduce driving resistance, to effectively move forward and to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. What position to adopt in breaststroke? How can the cladding help you improve your position? And what are the most appropriate exercises to improve your position?

Improve its position in breaststroke

Improve its position in breaststroke DR

Good position breaststroke

To be effective breaststroke, it is important to be well positioned in the water to be as streamlined as possible. Keep your body lying in water from head to toe. Look down keeping your head slightly tilted (chin to chest). Draw your stomach and keep your back as straight as possible. Hips should be as close as possible to the surface of the water. In adopting this position, you will slide better in the water, you will reduce the resistance to progress and you will avoid to hurt you back. Indeed, the breaststroke is a swimming that can hurt your lower back if you can not position yourself correctly.


The sheathing is swimming in a swimming technique should become automatic for all swimmers. It is to swim trying to grow as much as possible and by lying to the maximum. Breaststroke, sheathing at the time of casting is very important. Stretch your arms forward and keep your upper body and your legs out straight. Tighten your abdominal area and place your head in alignment with the column. This way you get a better glide in the water and you can also save energy. The more you oppose resistance in the water and you must make efforts to swim. During casting, enjoy also good to exhale all your air (active expiration).

Exercises for a better position in breaststroke

There are swimming exercises that allow swimmers to improve their position Breaststroke:

  • the double casting: after pushing on the wall, make twice two successive castings. Try out as far as possible.
  • breaststroke legs on the back: the movements should be done keeping the knees in water. So you adopt a motion without excessive bending of the knees.
  • Breaststroke with a pull-buoy: swim breaststroke with a pull-buoy while continuing to do the leg movements. This exercise helps to feel a movement without excessive bending of the knees and not too widely spaced legs.