School swimming can be taught in high school, as part of being EPS (Physical Education). The objective is to improve its performance in swimming (breathing, endurance, etc.). A swimming option may also be submitted to the baccalaureate.

Swimming in high school

Swimming in high school

Swimming in high school

Adolescents generally already benefited from kindergarten swimming lessons in primary or college with their class. Swimming in high school continues with more specific objectives. For example, the distances to swim are becoming larger. If the student's primary must know how to swim 15m deep water, high school students can swim several lengths. He learns to manage his breath, he can self assess, set goals (distance, time, etc.) and implementing the means to achieve them.

For swimming sessions at high school levels groups are usually set up. All students do not perhaps have the prerequisites expected, and some have a very advanced level as they are part of a swimming club for example.

The high school in swimming sessions can help to discover other water activities such as water polo, rescue, etc.

Swimming session lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the proximity of the pool compared to high school. The students can go to the pool on their own.

The swimming option tray

There is an optional swimming that students can have the baccalaureate. It allows to earn points on the average of the tray.

The test consists of a practical part and a theoretical part. The terms of the practical test depend on the academy. In all cases, students are judged on their mastery of swimming and compliance staff defined project. Indeed, the student must define its performance in advance, and achieve its objectives during the test.

The theoretical part is an oral examination focusing particularly on self-analysis of the practical test. On the other hand, we must know and be able to explain swimming techniques, regulations, etc.