The medical certificate for swimming is sometimes mandatory. It is the responsibility of your doctor with the competition organizers and with the US Federation of Swimming (FFN) in case of health problems. pool-guide explains the cases in which the medical certificate is required and how it is possible to get it.

The medical certificate for swimming

Medical certificate: Mandatory for swimming

Mandatory or not?

The medical certificate for swimming is compulsory or not according to different scenarios. If you want to swim alone during the public sessions, the medical certificate is not required. However, perhaps it is prudent to seek medical advice before practicing a sport. Especially if you have spent 40 years and if you return to sport after a long period of inactivity. If you want to swim club or participate in competitions, a medical certificate issued less than a year you will be asked. Indeed, it is mandatory to obtain a sports license. Without medical certificate, your license will not be issued and you will not be insured in case of accident. The medical certificate is required by your club early in the season to the license application. Once you have obtained the license, it is perfectly possible to register for competitions without having to resubmit a certificate. If you wish to participate in open water events outside your club, the rules are set by the event organizer. In some cases, it will ask you your other license number and he will ask for a medical certificate not older than 3 months.

How to get a medical certificate for swimming

To obtain a medical certificate for swimming, simply visit your doctor. Some doctors will deliver you without even examining you while others will make you realize some exercises to test your stamina. In most cases, the doctor will take your pulse and then ask you to perform twenty crunches with legs. He will then take your pulse again to see how your heart responds to stress. Know that the medical certificate is guaranteed and that liability of the doctor in case of problems.

What does the medical certificate for swimming?

The medical certificate is a contractual document which must contain certain mandatory particulars:

  • The name of the doctor and the patient
  • The signature of the doctor
  • The words "medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of swimming competition in all disciplines"