Make a turn at the end of your length will save precious minutes, especially in competition. The turn somersault crawl, one more technical but more effective, requires perfect coordination. Explanations.

The turning somersaults in crawl technique step by step

The turn in crawl

Master the somersault crawl change your practice of swimming: the distances are more naturally enchaineront without interrupting your swim. To succeed a turn, it is essential to have excellent coordination of movement and control his breathing.

The different stages of cornering crawl

The turn somersault crawl is divided into six stages: the approach of the wall, rotation, contact with the wall, pushing, pouring and resumed swimming.

The approach of the wall

It is important to maintain its speed when approaching the wall. Then the challenge is to understand the distance to know when to perform a somersault. We can locate using the "T" which indicates that the wall is 2 meters.

It is important to hold his breath before making the rotation, otherwise you will be braked. The faster you get, the more rotation will be effective if it is successful.

The rotation

It is the head that will start the rotation of the body is returned to his chin against his chest and it brings body and folds its legs. It is important that the rotation is done as quickly as possible because, being "ball", the swimmer's body slips into the water.

When the rotation is committed - by the head, remember - the upper body continues to roll and legs are flexed. The feet and calves pass over the surface of water. It is believed to keep the arms straight in line with the body.

The push, casting and recovery in swimming

After the rotation, the body is not in the center but offset to the side in the optical perform a spin and end up in the prone position. To the thrust, legs are bent, the arm in the extension of the body, the superposed hands and the back head. Push vigorously. It is during casting you make the spin to put your body in line.

When the speed of the casting decreases, you can resume your swim.

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