Swimming lessons are aimed at all audiences and all ages: almost from birth, the little ones can familiarize themselves with water thanks to baby sessions swimmer or water garden. From 7 years, children can really learn to swim.

During the individual swimming, group or internship

Swimming lessons: there are many different formulas, you have to find yours! DR

If the majority of people learn to swim as a child, a survey conducted in 2008 showed that almost half of 6th graders can not swim.

Similarly, there is a significant proportion of adults who can not swim. Rest assured if this is the case: you are not alone and there are swimming lessons to address them!

The different formulas:

The first step before you take to the water is to assess your level: the course will not be the same if you are afraid of the water (cf. phobia), or if you already know you move in water but without mastering the different strokes.

Once aware of your level, you can set goals, and seek swimming lessons tailored to your goals.

During the individual swimming

If you take special swimming lessons, you will be alone with the lifeguard. It can easily adapt its course at your level, and you progress at your own pace.

However, few pools offer individual courses, and you will pay certainly more expensive than group lessons choosing.

The current collective swimming

Group lessons are held in small groups, usually less than ten people. The advantage of this formula is that often the pools free paddling lessons: you'll find yourself among swimmers from the same level, without having to fear the prying eyes or splash!

The fact evolving group may represent an additional motivation.

Swimming courses

There are swimming courses for all levels, including learning to swim. The advantage of these courses is to chain the sessions at a steady pace to avoid losing its gains from one session to another.

The internships take place over several days, and promise to learn to swim in no time.

Please understand that after such training is recommended to quickly and regularly return to the pool, without which the techniques learned will be quickly forgotten.

Some advice before taking swimming lessons:

How many sessions does it take to learn to swim?

The number of sessions required varies depending on the initial level and rate of progression of each.

The first sessions are often the most laborious, and you will feel not much progress. However, once you feel confident, progress will be rapid and progress in one session will be awesome!

Usually it takes at least 10 to 15 sessions to swim.

When to register for swimming lessons?

Registration dates vary from one pool to another. You must ask your pool. Attention courses are quite popular and there are often waiting lists.

What is the cost of swimming lessons?

Rates vary depending on the pools, the chosen formula and lifeguards.

On average it takes between 10 and $ 15 for one session, but prices can go up to $ 40 an hour.

Find a swimming pool near your home which offers swimming lessons.