If your child is in demand to learn to swim and it has the required minimum age, it is perhaps time to register for swimming lessons. Where is it possible to take swimming lessons? Is there an ideal time for registration? What is the procedure for registration?

When and how to register my child for swimming

When and how to register my child swimming? DR

Where to take swimming lessons?

There are various places where you can take swimming lessons. It is for you to choose the place that will meet the most your expectations.

  • Public pools: they offer swimming lessons all year but prices are mostly collective courses and waiting lists are sometimes a little long. Private lessons are sometimes possible. The teaching will be customized but the rates also much more expensive.
  • Swimming clubs: they ask to register your child for the year and track workouts diligently. Choose this option if your child shows a real interest for swimming otherwise prefer courses in public.

When to enroll their children in swimming?

If you wish to enroll your child in group swimming lessons, know that waiting lists are sometimes a little long, it is better you take a little in advance. Classes take place on Wednesday or so after school in the late afternoon. Some pools also offer courses during the school holidays because children have more free time. The most requested period is spring or early summer just before going on holiday or visiting the beautiful days. Regarding the tuition, they depend on the availability of lifeguards. For current swimming club, enrollment is June before the end of the season in September or just before starting the new season.

How to register your child in swimming?

To register your child has a group class, simply go to the home of the pool to complete a registration form and pay the course registration. Some pools offer the opportunity to pay in installments. Expect to pay about 15 euros for a session of 30 to 45 minutes. Ten sessions are required (or a little more in some cases) to swim 25 meters in autonomy. For a club registration, prices depend mainly on the club. Expect to pay about 150 euros for a year (school) club. The price includes swimming license. You will be required a medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of swimming.