To learn lifesaving and prevent accidents, numerous pools offer water rescue course. These sessions are open to the general public and also to those wishing to obtain a certificate or a swimming diploma.

Water rescue

water rescue courses to learn lifesaving

Introductory courses in water rescue

Drowning, hypothermia or hypothermia, aquatic dangers are many and relate both to adults and children. Directed by a lifeguard, water rescue courses aim to learn first aid to learn how to react in case of accident.

These sessions are open to all and have the opportunity to learn the different ways to save someone from drowning and provide first aid.

The ability of the water rescue certificate

Since 2004, Decree No 2004-592 provides that any person providing the teaching of physical education in public and private institutions must demonstrate an aptitude certificate in water rescue.

To obtain this certificate, it is necessary to pass the rescue of a submerged manikin. This test is from a starting platform, swim 12,50m no return to the surface, back and carry the model to the edge in a minimum of time.

Trial of water rescue for swimming diplomas

For swimming diplomas allowing access to lifeguard professions, lifeguard swimmer and lifeguard, aquatic rescue event is mandatory. This test also involves the rescue of a dummy positioned in the pool bottom.

To be successful rescue, he is asked to go 25m freestyle and then proceed to the recovery and towing the mannequin maintaining the face out of the water. The candidate must perform this test in less than 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Other tests are also requested for the BNSSA, BPJEPS the AAN and the BSB including a practical test of resuscitation and management of simulation of a drowned.