You want to enjoy the benefits of a steam bath at home? Remember that it is no longer reserved for an elite or large homes. Today, two solutions allow you to enjoy a home steam: the steam cabin that can install itself or the construction by a professional, a masonry hammam. Explanation.

Build steam room or hire a professional What is the best solution

If we can build a single steam, it is best to seek advice a pro.

To build a masonry hammam...

The hammam is masonry construction that is closest to the traditional hammam including a perspective of aesthetics (mosaic, tiles, plaster, etc.). The masonry hammam can be built customized to best meet your needs in terms of aesthetics and options (fountains, posts, etc.).

However, the construction of a masonry hammam is a big project that requires reflection, and professional intervention whatsoever for the construction of the piece itself, for the electrical installation and plumbing. On the other hand, seek professional has a cost. You will rely $ 5,000 minimum for materials (tiles, plaster, plumbing, etc.) and for the cost of intervention. Price may increase depending on desired options.

... Or ask a steam cabin

It is also possible to ask a steam cabin. This kit hammams that contain all the necessary equipment: partitions and doors, steam generator, seating, lighting, etc. The only requirement to install this type of steam: it must still be a minimum handyman! Because you'll take care of the installation of all piping, electrical and plumbing. If you are not handy, you can always hire a professional for the installation of a steam cabin kit.

Two structures are possible:

  • a combined shower cabin it is sufficient to connect to the water and electricity
  • a cabin in modular panels to assembly

Building a steam: by a professional or by yourself?

Whether for the installation of a steam cabin or for the construction of a masonry hammam, you can yourself make the construction or installation. However, in both cases, it is recommended to hire a professional.

The intervention of a professional can guarantee impeccable work as much to build, and its tightness, as plumbing or electricity.