You are attracted by the style of Moroccan hammam or Oriental? Some steam manufacturers specialize in the construction of traditional hammams. These steam rooms require significant work and are more expensive but offer an unrivaled result.

Moroccan hammam traditional charm

Moroccan or traditional hammam possesses an undeniable aesthetic asset.

The Moroccan hammam: a luxurious decor

Traditionally, the Moroccan hammam is divided into three parts more or less hot, for the different treatments. The warm room is used to clean the skin with black soap, the warm room to wash, the cold room is for relaxing.

Of course, it hardly possible to install an authentic Moroccan hammam at home (unless you have a very large house), you can still arrange a steam room whose decor remind you of the East.

The Moroccan hammam is a luxury hammam exceptional decor. The domed ceiling and wall mosaics, ceramics or tadelakt give your traditional hammam all its beauty. Morocco is a tadelakt traditional plaster: it is widely used in hammams.

Made with lime, tadelakt is waterproof and is ideal for water features. It is treated with black soap to acquire its final appearance.

The price of a Moroccan hammam is relatively high because of the construction work it requires and the materials used. It must also provide a large space for installation.

Install a traditional hammam home

To build a traditional hammam at home, you need to have enough room. So you can fully customize your Moroccan hammam: shape, dimensions, lighting, accessories... With an oriental hammam, you are truly transported to another world.

Enjoy your Moroccan hammam to offer traditional hammam treatments, like a scrub soap. Also purchase a Fouta, hammam towel, for a hammam session comfort.

To build a traditional hammam Moroccan style, call in a professional. Only a specialized Hammam manufacturer will install a perfect steam in terms of aesthetics and comfort.