The steam bath is a steam cabin which includes a shower, bath and hammam. In one space, you can receive a full hammam, or simply taking a bath.

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A steam bath or steam bath lets you take a simple bath or switch to steam mode.

The steam bath: a multifunction steam

The steam bath can also be called bath-shower steam. Indeed, you can use 3 different ways. It consists of:

  • The tub to lie back and relax,
  • The shower for your sessions hammam or for everyday,
  • The steam generator to turn your bath steam room.

This space all-in-one is not bulky: it takes no more space than a large bathtub. Walls that rise above the bath to form a multifunction cabin.

steam bath walls can be equipped with massage jets in the shower and the bath. With a steam bath, many possibilities open to you! You can also add accessories to your hammam as projectors or speakers.

The price of steam varies with different elements: steam bath dimensions, materials, options, etc. You can find the first steam baths price in hardware stores, but there are also bathroom luxury hammams.

Install your steam bath home!

There are rectangular steam baths or steam baths corner. Choose your steam bath according to the layout of your bathroom and your taste.

Like a steam cabin, installing a steam bath does not require additional work. You are a handyman? You can install your hammam kit yourself. After assembling your steam bath, you will need to connect the water and electricity.

You can also install your steam bath by professionals. Inquire at your POS hammam or steam from your manufacturer.

The steam bath is an equipment-good high-end to be chosen carefully to enjoy for many years. To find an efficient steam bath at the best price, it is essential to compare different offers through steam quote.