Timeless and essential, the laces swimsuit is probably one of the swimsuits you meet most of the beach, and this for several years. Learn about the different variations of laces swimsuits, as well as tips for he can put you in value.

The Lace swimsuit

The swimsuit has laces

The Lace swimsuit comes in different styles

The Lace swimsuit, you keep the cross on the beach for quite a long time. This swimwear comes in all kinds of different styles:

  • You can find lace swimwear one piece or two pieces.
  • It can be located laces at the neckline, particularly on a one-piece swimsuit.
  • The laces can be in the back on a more or less thick.
  • Of course, it can also be laces on the sides of the pants on a swimsuit two pieces.

How to wear lace-up swimsuit

The undeniable advantage of Lace swimsuit is of course its universality: it is a swimsuit style that suits all women, whatever their size and morphology, as the laces may be present both on a bathing suit a room on a two-piece swimsuit.

In addition, the laces swimsuit can reconcile some women with their bathing suit: in fact, some wish not to wear swimwear two pieces, but are struggling to stay feminine. The laces jersey not only helps keep women in a one-piece swimsuit, but it can also highlight the strengths of each:

  • If you want to bet on your chest, you can opt for the swimsuit laced at the neckline.
  • If you have a nice arch, you can turn to the swimsuit laced in the back.
  • The swimsuit laced on the side of the pants, meanwhile, will delight those who wish to follow the trend in all discretion.

Take a few precautions before putting on your swimsuit lace

Although Lace swimsuit can be worn by all, remember to choose according to your body type. For example, know that a swimsuit lace-up play will better borne by large women, while the swimsuit lace two pieces will be more suited to women's morphology H.

Also, be sure to pick up a bathing suite with laces in your size, because too little jersey will compress you ungainly way, and too jersey will not be close enough to the body and may fall, which will not the desired effect.

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